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Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Van Nuys Collection" #10... An AT-6 Breakdown

AT-6 "Texan" Bits and Pieces
The ubiquitous "T6" World War II Advanced Trainer was easy to fly and just as easy to ground loop or flip over landing because the of proximity of the landing gear. But, if you passed in this trainer, you got to strap on one of those 2000 hp puppies. Although the US retired the T-6 from active duty by the end of the 1950's, several nations utilized "the pilot maker" as their basic trainer well into the 1970's. Today, over 350 T-6 Texans remain in airworthy condition. Most of those are based in North America and are a reminder of the importance of simplicity in training student pilots.

This one I sketched looked like a "skywriter" who best days of composing ads and love letters was well behind it, but you never know. It was, at least, not put out to the pasture. Maybe soon, it will be, once again, flying in formation at some July 4th airshow... or better yet, on the silver screen as an enemy Zero or Focke Wulf, ha!