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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Van Nuys Collection" #8... Engine Without A Plane!

Pratt & Whitney R2800 "Double Wasp" Aircraft Engine
The legendary R-2800 that powered the Marauder, the Invader, the Thunderbolt, the Hellcat, the Corsair and a host of post WWII aircraft including many propeller driven airlines of the fifties and sixties. It is widely considered to be one of the finest piston aircraft engines ever developed. At the time of its introduction, no other air-cooled engine, and few inline, water-cooled engines could match the Pratt's power-to-weight ratio. The powerplant series was consistently refined and upgraded during WWII, including additions such as a water injection system to increase combat emergency power.  Later models towards the end of WWII produced over 2,400 hp.

When I started this piece I thought I had enough time to finish it, but it prove to be more than I bargain for. Although anatomically incorrect as a Pratt and Whitney R2800 "Double Wasp" Aircraft Engine, it looks pretty convincing as a engine, at least!