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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fear and Creativity Sketches...2 of 4

Distinctive look was an easy draw!
This woman had a very distinctive look that made it an easy draw in spite of the low light. She's forty-five years old and spent many years as Disney employee with Disney Cruises. She dressed in a variety of costumes on stage and on the deck including Minnie Mouse, was a song and dance person and is also an accomplished piano player. On certain evenings, she tickled the ivories in the boat lounge probably entertaining all those rum-soaked sea mice at the end of the day. She was at the seminar to deal with her fear of changing jobs since she was "released" by 'da Mouse! She said her husband told her to go find a job because her "aimlessly hanging around" was making him crazy. Sounds like a role reversal to me, ha!