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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Waitress at Gus's is Called Norma...

The waitress at Gus's is named Norma. She has long "dirty blonde" hair that usually covers her face as she buzzes around the tables catering to customers, busing tables, straightening out seat arrangements, taking orders, generally entertaining the men with her good looks. I once asked if I could sketch her and she said I'd have to do it on the run, because she can't stop. But, I got a good chance to capture her spirit when she began to write the specials of the day on the bulletin board. I always compliment her on the ability to write each meal in one straight line and always within the borders of the menu board. That's not something everyone is able to do, especially if you have about a dozen or more entrees to enter.

So, while Norma stood still at the counter long enough to finish the menu board, I surreptitiously sketched away. Seated at the table was a morning regular, Paula Alario, originally from New Orleans, but now is a "fully grow-ed" country girl who now rides in barrel race competition. Paula saw my sketch and immediately recognized who it was.

Every now and then, I get it right!