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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day/2011

Ma'mere at Eighty-Six
These are three sketches I did over the past six months taking my mom to the doctor's for one exam or another. The center drawing was done from a photo I took of her after she got her hair done. I told her she looked so good that we had to go out to eat. And so we did! The two other sketches were done from two different situations. The one on the left mom posed for, sort of. I don't think she liked where the drawing was going, so she moved... a couple of times!

The other one I drew from a composite of little sketches. It was inspired by the look of concern she showed about some tests results she had to wait for.  I've been spending a lot of time with her and have seen this vacant yet concerned look enough times to draw it from memory. But I didn't!

For the record, all of mom's vital organs are in great condition for her age. Only some osteopenia has been found in her shoulder and hips.

Mom has a variety of different colored berets she wears when she doesn't like the way her hair looks or when she needs to keep the cold out. In other sketches of her, her beret is the best thing drawn.

Copyright Ben Bensen III / 2011