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Friday, June 10, 2011

And That's Why I Call This Sketch, "Last Time Around."

Spent Polo Ponies...

Okay, this is just pure silliness, but this sketch is my horsey Neil Young portrait. When I first saw these equine beauties all watered down and brushed, having earlier played their game, I thought to myself even animals are snotty and clique-ish to one another. The ostracized darker horse looked as if to say, "What was it that I said?"

It then reminded me of the front cover of the Buffalo Springfield's, "Last Time Around" album where everyone in the photo in looking one way except Neil Young. I always liked that group, but blamed Neil for its demise. He seems so self-absorbed and egotistical to me especially at that time. He wasn't a team player, you know? I don't understand why the other guys in the band allowed him to pose that way. It angered me big time until I heard, "Cinnamon Girl." Then, I decided to cut him some slack. Obviously, Mr. Young has created some incredible music over the years, and I do respect him for that, but I still blame him. And that's why I call this horse sketch, "Last Time Around."

The title doesn't portend anything for these noble steads!

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