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Monday, June 13, 2011

From The Comforts of A Big White Tent...

The event includes lots of large white tents for those shady types!
For most people the action is viewed from underneath the shade of many large event tents, where besides viewing the game, guests stroll fashionably along the auction items, the art gallery, or listen to the jazz band, munch on goodies and hobnob with each other. The actual times for each game is about one hour with a thirty minute halftime and normally, each event presents two games though few people stay for the entire two polo matches.

As for my sketching prowess, I am learning to look long and hard at my subject and then trust that I can confidently draw from that original pose even if some subject should move. It's still exhausting though, for me... I don't know why!

 Copyright/Ben Bensen III/ 2011