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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maybe The Introduction Was A Bit Long...

Dr. Michael White sits in with jazz ensemble...
A sketch I did of New Orleans clarinetist, Dr. Michael White and assorted Dixieland players waiting for the intros to finish so they could get down with 'da grooves.  The good doctor was the featured player since he orchestrated this musical journey into how the Caribbean influenced New Orleans music especially the Haitian influence. Most knowledgeable music lovers recognize the many rhythmic gifts that region has bestowed on New Orleans, so the history lesson was very interesting and good public relations since Haiti is still struggling from that devastating earthquake a year ago or so.

Still, the expressions say it all. Well maybe, the expressions on their faces was rendered a bit more severe than they actually were since I was getting restless too and ready to get it on!

Copyright/Ben Bensen III/ 2011