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Friday, June 3, 2011

Score Keeping Might Have Been Easier...

A "T. J." type product...
Now that I look at it again, it ain't so bad. I sat behind the plate at Mandeville High earlier this year to sketch my nephew, who plays shortstop for the Jesuit Blue Jays. He is in his senior year and is doing pretty well this season after breaking his finger in a "head first"slide into second base. He had to sit out quite a few games for that gaffe.

I sketched a few lines before I decided that I would never get it all, in one time at bat, so I started with the pitcher and worked my way down. The batter has T. J.'s stance, but not his build because I continued drawing who ever was at bat. I think it took me one whole inning to do the batter. I liked drawing the ump. He turned out the best because he consistently squatted like that to protect himself and still see the pitch. The catcher, unfortunately, looks like a "little leaguer" because I couldn't get the foreshortening correct. One sketch where I did get it "more righter," everything else was a mess. My ego is still too big to post those kinda of mistakes. By the third inning or so, I was wasted and decided to just watch the game. Score keeping was easier, ha!

Of course, now that I look at it again, it seems damn good!

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