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Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Conceptual Cooties... Page Four!

Beetle type platforms for the writer to see...

For a series of sketches, I was asked to approach the main insect as a beetle with a hard shell that would cover the wings.  Eventually, some bugs transformed from insect to humans, so I drew a few of those transformations which gave us all a good laugh. I find it hilarious when writer's and film people come up with the most outlandish things to artist to visualize and make sense out of. I guess I am one who doesn't have the ability to suspend my "disbelief" far enough to accept some of the silly and far out concepts Hollywood has foisted off on the movie going public. 

Still, it is fun to get paid to draw and create such craziness after many years of drawing smiling consumers consuming one thing or the other. 

 A woman lustfully holding a "whopper" with such anticipation to make anyone's mouth water. How many versions can an artist draw to show that phenomenon... Let me count the ways!

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