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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sketchy Creations... The Insect Version of Mr. Potato Head! Page Two

Composite of three or four ideas...
The writer likes web feet, so I began to add webbed feet on the insects. I must have sketched about twenty or so concepts using frog legs, grasshopper legs, human legs, turtle legs, goat legs, etc. As I mentioned before, it's kinda like playing God, or Mr. Potato Head... or Cootie!

I pulled a mosquito hawk ( that's what we call dragonflies here in Louisiana ) from my car's front grill and it inspired me in the wrong direction, but in this sketch, I contemplated using that head for the final piece. I always found that their mouths to be pretty scary especially when you feed them another bug and watch how the mouth works to devour the prey.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the right direction for the project!

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