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Friday, December 16, 2011

"A New Kind of Mexican Hat Dance...Feliz Navidad?"

Feliz Navi-DAT!
Well, I was sitting in the dentist chair when I received the good news. All systems go, that is, no cracked fillings, no receding gums, no cavities, no problems. So, I decided to celebrate by having a Mexican lunch. It would be a solo gig and that was just fine for me!

Earlier in the day, I, along with other dutiful and intrepid parents, braved the wet weather and attended a Christmas extravaganza presented by the Lancaster Elementary School. The performance went well much to the delight of parents and teachers. After the show, there was a party complete with all kinds of Christmas themes, decorations and goodies. Because I wanted to impress my dental hygienist, I abstained from the sugary stuff.

But now, reveling in my dental report, it was my time to party and show off the "pearly whites. Ordering one of the luncheon specials, accompanied by a large frozen margarita, I noticed the festive Christmas decorations complete with Saints posters and the ever present, fleur-de-lis.

How Mexican!

But, the best was this restaurant's artificial tree standing proudly in the large glass window just loaded with all sorts of "multi-cultural" adornments. When I saw the black sombrero atop the tree replacing the standard star or angel, or "Gawd Forbid" a fleur-de-lis, I just had to pull out the sketchbook and capture it. Can you say Merry Christmas with a New Orleans 'Yat accent?

Feliz Navi-DAT!

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