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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Phantom Farewell...

A sketch of an F-4 Phantom jet
This is a static display of a Vietnam era fighter jet I drew here locally. It reminded me of the closing of George AFB in Victorville, CA where F-15's were replacing the venerable twin engined beast. It was strangely a sad affair the Air Force Art Program sent me to to document with not only the end of F-4's, but the closing of the entire base. As I stood in line with other Air Force personnel waiting to be served a celebratory lunch, I remember seeing a large helicopter in the distance hauling away the skeletal remains of a very familiar shape as it took to air under another craft's power. And as it disappeared off into the distance, I wondered how many small businesses that once relied on the base for it's livelihood would also soon disappear.

Like it or not, everything changes for better or worse except the static displays I sketch and ruminate about!

Copyright 2012/ Ben Bensen III