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Friday, November 16, 2012

"A Cocky Flower Pot Sketch!"

Chicken Parmigiana?
It has been a really crazy week, doing things for my mom that need to be taken care of... Sometimes, with her and sometimes without her in tow. It is a 60 mile jaunt from our home in Folsom to New Orleans. On this night, I met my wife at a funeral home to explore the ridiculous cost of dying. No need to expatiate further on that subject. My brother watched our mom for a couple of hours as we took care of business and then seized the opportunity to share a wonderful dinner together at a restaurant called, "Sandro's Trattoria' somewhere between Metairie and Kenner, LA.

I highly recommend the daube!

Eventually, Therese took off early for home to correct papers while I would return to my brother's to pick up mom. But after she left, I decided to stay longer and put off the inevitable by having desert and coffee. I sketched, on the paper table cloth, this ceramic rooster flower pot which was sitting on the shelf a few tables away.

It went well with my third cup of coffee.

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