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Sunday, November 11, 2012

"It Just Occurred To Me on Veteran's Day!"

Twenty minute sketch... while I waited my turn!
It just occurred to me that this would make a nice Veteran's Day comment!  I did this sketch while listening to two African American Vets, one rather elderly who fought in the Korean War, and the other, a "young whippersnapper" who fought in the Operation Desert Storm, talk about their experiences. It wasn't too crowded on that day, but I had to wait my turn, which took me about forty minutes.

They inquired about my status and I told them I was here on behalf of my mom's service record with the Marine Corps during World War II. They both nodded in affirmation and continued on with their stories about the military. The Korean War vet didn't care to talk too much about his experiences in Korea except to hang his head down, shake it and say, "Korea is cold. I've never ever been that cold in all my life!"

I pretty much kept my mouth shut and sketched... and listened!

To all those who served or are still serving to preserve our freedoms, Happy Veteran's Day!

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