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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A holiday luncheon aftermath!
Just another food aftermath sketch. We are really enjoying our stay here in SoCal, and eating way too much. One free ranging SoCal patron at breakfast was taking no chances on her organic, vegan start of the day. There wasn't any egg omelet left unturned. She wanted to know just about everything about the birds habitat, the origin of the spinach and whether the blueberries were seasonal or frozen.

And, I thought, vegans didn't even eat eggs.

With a straight face, she asked the waiter," How are these grilled hash browns cooked? With vegetable oil, canola oil or with animal fat?"

The waiter, assuming the customer understood the grilling process, very professionally replied, "No mam... all of our potato dishes are grilled!"

Regardless, I almost exploded with laughter at the thought of this woman asking good old Gus,  Folsom's master chef, how the hash browns would be cooked!

Ya gotta love SoCal!

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