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Monday, December 3, 2012

More Doctor Visits and Sketches...

It was a long wait... here are four awaiting their turn.
More sketches of older folks. At least, they look older than me, awaiting their turn to see the doctor. One guy was reading Motor Trend, the other seemed he was having sweet dreams as he stay asleep for quite some time. The dude with the shades and the close to the head baseball cap seemed to be the most interesting since he never moved and just stared like as if he was hiding from everybody and everything.

The other guy was rather verbose and couldn't shut up for a moment. Must have been a Navy veteran because he had one of those caps that designate what ship he apparently served on and his cap was in tip top shape as if he had it dry cleaned and ironed!

He was here the last time I took mom for a checkup, ha!

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