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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sketches From My Coffee Shop Getaway...No.3

Just sippin coffee...
Just two sketches of people drinking coffee. The small head I pretty much faked because the man moved too much for me to get too interested in making him look like anything other than a gestural thing. The hand actually looks better in this pic than in the other sketch of the woman.

Hands aren't easy, and they can ruin an otherwise beautiful drawing. I basically drew this woman's hand from past knowledge of how to not make it look like a claw. When I was drawing frames of hands holding product in my storyboard work, I always used reference because my frame style was more realistic than most storyboarder's art and beautiful hands always highlighted the product. I felt it was very important, especially with a woman's hand.

My mom and my wife both have really beautiful and expressive hands. Many times, in the wee hours of a deadline, I'd pose Therese's hands and photograph it with a Polaroid. She was so good at modeling I rarely had to direct her before I shot.

Anyway, this woman's hand works alone on it's own, but next to the rest of the pose, which I love, it fails.

Of course, I'll give myself a break by saying it is just a pencil sketch of a moving person expressing emotions during a conversation. If you look closely, I was rather timid with my lines which I purposely thought about before making a mark. Not so with the smaller sketch which is basically a mindless doodle.

I love her eyes which I felt I captured pretty well. I sort of idealize this person because she wasn't as pretty as my drawing depicted... truth be told.

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