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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Luau Sketches... The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!" Number Four!

You just know she's disapproving of something someone's said!
I've sketched this woman here before, but this one is my best of her. She always looks a bit "painted." She hasn't any eye brows, so she has them drawn on very dark with eye liner, I suppose. Though she is always well groomed, her makeup tells of one that demands to be seen. I like this sketch because I captured her personality better than I have captured anyone else in this group.

She has tight thin lips and deep set eyes that, to me, portray a woman who has her own standards and wishes ( or demands! ) everyone else live up to hers. I think everyone keeps their distance for good reason, and it confuses her when she gets ostracized. But being left out only forces her to sticking her nose in everyone's business. She can become quite catty, and when she does get too pushy, one of the men has to come in and assuage her hurt feelings. I don't know why the women of this generation seem to need a man's voice, to settle things down, but I rarely see any woman discipline each other in such a way unless they are kicking each other under the table. Maybe, they fear becoming catty.

Emotions can get pretty raw sometimes here. The group pretty much cares for each personality and embraces everyone like a great big family, so they accept her and her insecurities even though she can be a bit of a nuisance.

There's a distinct story being told here in this drawing, if one takes the time to look. It rarely occurs for me, but it did this time in this sketch. I'm happy with what I did... for a change!

Speaking of being catty. Sometimes, I have to escort my mom through the TV room where, at least, three or four, but sometimes, a dozen or so elderly men are watching Jerry Springer. Occasionally, there's a fight between two women that comes to fisticuffs, and I give the old guys a hard time about it. 

"Shame,"I chided them. "You guys just waiting to see two babes go at it!"

Then, one guy responds,"I wish they would put them in different colored trunks so I could see 'em better!"

As I started to chuckle at his comment, another gentlemen, who can best be described as an immobile, and rather mischievous little bulldog, replied as he pointed into the dining hall where mostly women play bingo and cards...

"Yeh, but it is safer in here, than in there!"

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III