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Monday, June 10, 2013

"Luau Sketches...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

She goes by Dolores, Doris, or Dot!

She looked very nice today at the Luau. Doris, had makeup on, a multicolored leigh and a Hawaiian shirt. Like a San Francisco, late-blooming, flower child, her daughter added two hibiscus in her hair. Doris is usually rather demure and soft spoken. An octogenarian who defers to other boisterous, flamboyant and aggressive women at her table across from where usually my mom sits.

And no, my mom is not the demure type!

But, at the Luau, she must have felt her real self having been "prissyed up"by her daughter.  She was tapping her feet and tapping the table to many of the songs that were being played. She actually was singing with my mom to Jimmy Buffet's, "Margaritaville!"

I didn't even know my mother knew that song!

Later, as the festivities started to wind down, I laughed, rather demurely, at Dolores telling her daughter, "I feel like I'm back in the dating game, again!"

Her daughter, who's name I have forgotten, is a nurse that comes every Wednesday to take and read the members' blood pressure. She requested I sketch her now known mother, Dot!

I requested that the daughter take a picture of Dot and email it to me, which she did, though, I have yet to receive any email.

I then, did this sketch of her... all three of her at the same time, Doris, Dolores, and Dot!

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III