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Monday, November 11, 2013

"Okay, So I Eat Out Alone... A Lot!"

Leftovers... for the little lady!
When I finished my breakfast at Russell's Marina Grill, I still had about one hour to kill before I met up with an old friend. I decided to get to New Orleans early and run a few errands before breakfast. It's all boringly convoluted, so I won't expatiate.

I kinda was hoping a friend to join me, but she had a previous gig and couldn't fit me in. I read the entire USAToday, which I always enjoy, while eating an oyster and artichoke omelet topped with a mustard remoulade sauce. As yet, I haven't had a bad meal there.

It is very New Orleans and the waitresses are nice.

I ordered some toast or a biscuit with my meal and told the waitresses that it was for my wife because I was allergic to wheat.

She said," Oh honey, you don't want the biscuit! The blueberry muffins are to die for! Let me bring one out for you!"

I had no biscuit to compared the muffin with, but she was definitely right, and later, my wife thought so too!

Anyway, this sketch is how I spent a portion of the hour.

Fifth cup!

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