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Monday, December 2, 2013

"Mandy's Psychedelic Fish Maitre 'd…."

The papier mâche maitre' d that resembles Ed Volker…

So, what does these pictures have to do with a "toof cleaning sketch," you may ask. A few weeks ago, I posted this sketch on my blog.

My interpretation...

A couple of friends from SoCal thought, jokingly, that I was hallucinating since I normally don't sketch fantasy or science fiction subject matter and this "fish" is rather "out there." So, in order to prove that what I was sketching was real, I thought I would provide my skeptical friends with some hard pictorial evidence. Here's  an excerpt from that original blog spot at: 


… It is a large brightly colored fish that resembles one of the members of the now retired bar band, The Radiators. Probably, at the time this seven foot sculpture was created, the band's writer and piano player, Ed Voelker, wore a gray, slightly tattered beret on his balding dome. If you are at all familiar with the band and Ed's facial features, you cannot deny that the sculptor was inspired to create this "fish head" maitre'd with Ed in mind. Having finished my lunch, while sipping another loving cup of Mandy's strong coffee, I sketched the monster.

It is not one of my better pieces, but I was still feeling sorry for myself. It really should be sketched in vibrant, almost psychedelic colors, which I did not bring with me. If you are ever in the area, check out their menu for breakfast or lunch and be greeted by a very imposing, colorful fish head.

By the way, another clue to my theory of its origin is that the restauranteur is Frank Bua, the Radiators' long time drummer!
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