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Friday, February 28, 2014

"Lucinda, Portrait Of A Land Baroness!"

It's a cold, wet Starbuck's staring 'da window day, but I probably won't do it. Got too much other stuff to take care of. Carl, a chubby, gruff, bear of a guy at the Senior Center wants me to bring one of my sketchbooks to show some other friends there. I guess he's tired of watching people play cards, Bunco and scuffle over the Bingo winnings. Anyway, I tried to consolidate four books into one last night. I kinda hate tearing out pages, but I am not sure I can trust the seniors with all four of my sketchbooks.

Carl's gonna be my new agent, ha!

He's promised to tell me the seniors' reaction to my portraits. But, ya gotta love 'em. I dropped off the sketchbook and showed a few of the sketches to some staff members. Three of the staff decided to make a game out of looking at the portraits. They were going to cover, with opaque tape, the names of the people I drew, and have the seniors guess who's who! When I was making my escape, I overheard one staff member trying to decide what the winner would get…

Oh, I certainly don't wanna be a part of that scene, ha!

Here's one of the newer sketches I've yet to show!

This lady's name is Lucinda, but she goes by "Cynda."Amongst the many, Cynda watches over my mom at the senior center. Whenever possible, she admonishes me to take good care of my mom and I always retort with some sarcastic quip. After about a year of this, it has become kind of a running joke we utilize to start the morning.

She is not always at the senior center because she has five, count 'em, five homes around the country. Every now and then, she has visit and care for. She is always pining for her condo in Playa del Rey. By her own admission, Cynda also is a crackerjack gambler and will proudly show you the Lexus LS 300 should won on a twenty dollar lottery ticket.

Today, Cynda was not at the center today when I dropped off my sketches, so she probably won't get the chance to see her portrait.

Maybe, another time, if she behaves!

Copyright 2014/ Ben Bensen III