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Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Rose, The Benevolent Kind."

The cool, calm, collective Rose!
It is just my opinion. I really don't' have any right saying this, although it is not such a bad thing. This lady's name is Rose. Many people gravitate towards her, and confide in her, maybe, because she is such a good listener. She always seems so calm and collected. She reminds me of a few nuns that I have had in grammar school. Maybe, Rose is a retired nun. She's got that "saved composure," ya know?

I wonder, how do you ask someone if they are a retired Catholic clergy... especially if they are female? I wonder...

Anyway, if Rose was, at one time, a nun ( not intimating that she is or was! ) I bet she wasnt 't the kind that patrolled the isles with a yardstick or weighted rosaries… She'd have been one of  the benevolent kind.

Like the "Good Witch from the West."

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