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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Seems An Extremely Appropriate Nickname!"

Administrators, the Senior Center cannot do without!
I sketched these two women as they both stood in the doorway of their offices overseeing the party festivities at the Mandeville Senior Center. What festivities, I've no idea because there is always some gala event going on there and on certain occasions, I sit in the background, or with my mother, and sketch away.

Arnita is usually parked in her office behind a glass partition and her desktop computer. I assume she is the person to handle the business portion of the center while "Mellow" is more hands on, making sure all the senior's many needs are met. I don't know what came first, Mellow's name or her disposition.

If, it is not her real first name, it seems an extremely appropriate nickname.

I think I captured her in this sketch quite well. Her eyes tell the story better than any words can, at least, any words I can conjure up. I've seen Mellow sit many times alone with my mom when I'm late picking her up and everyone else is gone. Mellow's there, if mom needs reassurance that she won't be forgotten, and doesn't seem to mind listening to, ad nauseum, all of my mother's heroic stories of days long gone. Also, she's not one to shy away from a good line dance in the dance exercise sessions that happen every Monday. I can't tell if she is just there in case one of the members gets dizzy or whether she's really there to get her exercise. With those early morning moves, it probably is Mellow just "gettin' on a good foot!"

Regardless, she's just always "there"… Taken care!

Copyright 2014/Ben Bensen III