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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Add One More Color And She Could Celebrate Mardi Gras... All Year Long!"

A cellphone photo, Kristen was kind enough let me shoot!
What color this week? Since I last sketched Kristen, she has decided not to let her hair grow out, but did color it purple and green. Add one more color and she could celebrate Mardi Gras all year long, ha!

One thing's for sure, this is Kristen in final sketch form. I showed this to Kristen and she was "politely" impressed. As I got to know her a little bit, I realized that she has her plate full. Don't need to go into one's private life to do a sketch, but I found out she has to drive from Baton Rouge to Mandeville, three times a week to get to work at the Mandeville Starbucks. That's about a sixty or seventy mile trek, one way!

Things will slow down a bit when her daughter goes back to school, she said.

Sure hope so…

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