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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Three Girls,Three Sketches..."

Three Girls, Three Sketches, Three Styles...

Another one of those sketches from a local Starbucks that I haven't posted since it has been drawn. All of the "models" were all busy multi-tasking, so I had to keep it quick. I prefer the one on the right though the drawing looks pretty static, she sat still long enough for me to capture her.

The one in the middle was very quick since she was at the coffee bar waiting for her libation. I like that I captured something... in about a minute.

And, the drawing to the left is one that I labored over because she sat across from me for over an hour. You can't tell by my drawing, but she was quite beautiful with big, dark eyes, raven hair, high cheek bones, and a very definitive jaw line. She was also very pregnant. Three times within that hour she came over to me and asked that I watch over her table full of electronic devices.

On the third request, I teasingly replied," Oh, that's enough, don'tcha think?"

Copyright 2014/Ben Bensen III