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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"An Agrarian Sketch"...

A Harvester?
I have done sketches of people in the restaurant eating, chewing the fat, and hanging out. But, as some sort of ode to the farm world, the good natured, laconic Greek, has a couple of old rusted plowboy "objects d'art" situated as accent pieces around the premises. This is another of Gus's ode to something agrarianly artistic, but, generally, these "antiques" are mostly ignored, mainly because so many of these farms tools are so plentiful around here!

I drew this sketch, like I did with the other "ode," see the post at: 

seated in my car in the restaurant parking lot listening the Dan Patrick program on sportstalk radio after a long breakfast. 

I'm pretty happy with those wheels. I feel once I've decided what the degree the ellipse is in, I try not to pay attention to the subject matter until I complete it. It seems to come out much better than if I actually attempted to draw it from sight.

 I believe this to be another horse drawn harvester, of sorts. It seems like another very ineffectual way of gathering anything and the metal seat has got to chafe, ha!

Copyright 2014/Ben Bensen III