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Monday, February 22, 2016

"Just Wondering About Garbage"...

Missing opportunities...
Good early morning blues and grays, y'all on a Monday morning!
We, here in 'da Bayou, are gonna get wet for a few days.
That old matchbox hole has me thinking about garbage. Not just any garbage, but that kind of reusable stuff that we all throw out instead of recycling.
Therese started recycling when I was away on location for the summer and it is amazing how little garbage we have to leave out for the garbage men. There's a huge recycling bin in Mandeville where you can discard plastics, styrofoam, tin, aluminum, glass and paper, but, as of yet, no cardboard (I don't know why not!).
We'd throwout food stuffs into our compost pile if our dog wouldn't be in a race with the raccoons to get to the "leftovers" first. It is truly amazing how little garbage we give for pickup on garbage day.
I wonder if our "waste management" company would give us a discount for only picking up our garbage once instead of twice a week?

First cup...

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