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Thursday, June 23, 2016

"I Asked If She Could Pose For Me..."

Sketches from a three hour flight to LAX...

Some in-flight sketches on the way to Los Angeles.   I love flying especially at the window seat, but when the person sitting next to you buries their head into a large book, it is time for me to shut up pull out the pen and sketchbook.

I'm a visual person... I can take a hint, ha!

I never did capture, to my liking, the exotic face of our stewardess. I eventually asked her if she could pose for me because she never stopped. Of course, she could not! The other stewardess I captured pretty well. She stood still for about five minutes talking in the first class kitchen.
The pic of a woman pulling at her hair was from an in-flight movie starring an aged Sally Field, and the woman with the rather large chapeaux was from an in-flight magazine.

Copyright 2016/ Ben Bensen III