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Friday, September 16, 2016

"I Rarely Give My Art Away..."

Good late morning, Friday, y'all.
I started playing with my new iPad Pro about a month ago attempting to learn its idiosyncratic ways. I was just messing with the line quality and posted my "progress." A friend saw it and asked me if I wanted to send her two for a project she was working on.
So I did, although I spent an equal amount of time on my wacom and Photoshop. That iPad "touchy feely" thing is not something I appreciate.
Anyway, I created a few more, signed two and sent them to Kathleen for her project. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely participate in charitable events giving my art away. Apparently, some artists are contributing their drawings to Slidell Memorial Hospital Cancer Center so that patients will have a coloring book of drawings by local artists to help pass the time while they are undergoing treatment.

Having spent five weeks laid up "rehabilitating" my back, I can only imagine what a cancer kid's thoughts are. It's a feel good thing all around!
Glad to have been a part... Third cup!
P.S. Would kinda like to see what the kids come up with!

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