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Monday, December 5, 2016

"iPad Sketching Between Cups of Coffee"...

An iPad Pro sketch in Procreate

While awaiting for my Honda to be serviced, I asked to be driven to a favorite neighborhood restaurant. It was closed, so I walked over to a local coffee house called, "Not Just Donuts."

Oh, brother! I think I would have preferred just donuts.

The topics of discussion went from fishing for reds and specks, to water hyacinths taking over the waterways, from accessorizing your 4 wheel-drive trucks, to the finer points and tactics of paintball. So, I decided to sketch a few of the patrons on my iPad and man, I've totally forgotten how to use it!

I will say one thing about "Not Just Donuts"...they have excellent apple fritters here!

Lost count of the cups... Ha!