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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"I Couldn't Help Myself..."

An old farm tool antique...

Good Dumpty- Hump Wednesday, y'all.
I will be painting outside today before we leave for the concert tonight, but before that I'm truckin' over to Gus's for some breakfast and abuse.
Every morning that I go to the restaurant, I park in the same spot which is close to the street and behind a old farm tool antique. I'm not quite sure exactly what the horse drawn tool is used for, but a while back, I sat in the car and sketched it.
At a career day put on by a local high school I was asked to represent the profession of artist and in doing my presentation I passed around two sketchbooks. One book was from twenty plus years ago and one was a more recent one that included this sketch.
A little red headed student raised her hand in the middle of my "dissertation" to announce that she knew where this sketch came from.
"I know where this is, I know where this sketch was done," she blurted out.
"You do?" I replied.
"Yes, I love Gus's restaurant," she exclaimed. You go there too?
My quick and rather glib response was, "Only when I have to!"
( I couldn't help myself since she set it up so well! )
First cup...

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