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Monday, June 5, 2017

"Just A Glass Of Water, Please... I Guess!"

Guess it's just a glass of water, please!

Well, it's a welcome to Blitheville, Arkansas Monday, y'all.
No, it's not Blith- ville. It's uh...
We checked in to our Holiday Inn in a stopover in Arkansas on our way to St. Louis. My wife tells me a cute story about the conversation she had with, Travis, the hotel manager, as we checked in.
Travis: "Have you stayed with us before?"
Tee: "No, I've never been in Blytheville before"
Travis: "Well, first you have to learn how to say it correctly. It's called BLI' vul. And, you have to drag it out... BLI-I-I-I vul!"
After perfecting the pronunciation of his fine town, I told him, "That we have the same confusion in New Orleans. It's definitely not, "N'Awlins!"
Travis:"Yeh, exactly how do you say it?"
Tee: It's Nu'Wallins unless you're from uptown. Then, you kinda roll the "r" like New Urrr-le-ons!"
Travis then told me about the dining options at the hotel including "The Bistro" which, other than the Mexican restaurant across the street, is the only place to get an alcoholic beverage today."
Therese said, " I'm sure my face conveyed my surprise as he said,"Arkansas is a dry state. You can't get alcohol on a Sunday!"
Tee: "Oh, in New Orleans you can get alcohol any time of the day or night on any day of the week."
Travis: "I know. That's why I want to go there!"
C'est la vie! Third cup... of coffee!

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