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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Margaritas And My Sketchbook."

A pen and ink sketch while sipping margaritas...
My wife fell two weeks ago and needs to have her left elbow operated on today. We decided, after hours of waiting marked by moments of repetitive questioning at the "pre op", yesterday, that we'd treat ourselves to dinner... somewhere. We landed at a Mexican restaurant called La Carretas in Mandeville. We got there just in time for the luncheon menu which ends a 4pm, I believe. 

We sat in the patio because it was a very nice afternoon considering the time of year. The addition to the restaurant is fairly new and a welcome site to the indoors hustle and bustle. Of course, this time of year brings out the flies which were a bit aggravating. I don't recall what my wife had but my steak burrito supreme was perfect. I enjoyed the salsa so much that I topped my burrito with it. The salsa was pretty stock except that they added more onions and cilantro to the mix, which made it extra special.

The pen sketch is from the patio while lingering around after we had eaten. It took a while to complete and the waiter came around occasionally to make sure we didn't require any more attention. I am pretty happy with the sketch although the fountain design seems more Oriental than Hispanic.

Copyright 2017/ Ben Bensen III