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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sketches from Van Nuys Airport circa 1986...

When we moved from Los Angeles to Folsom, LA, the mover got stuck in a deluge that flooded Houston in 2001. We had to wait an extra five or six days to meet the van line truck with all of our belongings. Well, most of our belongings. Till this day, we are still searching for paintings, posters, a 45 rpm record collection, cassette tapes and few other personal odds and ends. I know I still have an original Jack Leynnwood painting here in this house, but I can't find it. Even the patron saint of lost items, St. Ant'nie  (that's how his name is pronounced here in New Orleans!) was of no help, but I did find some old sketchbooks from days gone by.

This is one of many aircraft drawings I did in the eighties when you could just walk up to any aircraft parked on the premises and check it out. Nowadays, you'd probably get arrested! There's a whole sketchbook full of stuff, but only about a dozen or so of these sketches/drawings that I want to share and they are mostly aircraft I drew at Van Nuys airport. So, bare with me if you don't like av art. Here comes the Van Nuys Collection, ha!

By the way, this is a derelict Beechcraft Twin Model 18 of which about 9000 were made in one variant or another. The military transport version was designated the C-45.