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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"The Best Of 2021"


Sample sketches from 2021

Well, another year's been passed and it's time to raise that glass,
Let's all have a toast...
Another year's almost behind us now... and, what's done is done!
With that in mind, I'll post some of the better sketches I've "done" throughout the year. Hope you like it!

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"Albuquerque, And A Wrong Turn?"

Tootsie Taco Tuesday?

 Good Taco Tuesday Morning, all bodies.

Well, Therese was getting tired of waiting for AT&T to send her a replacement iPhone and after getting the runaround from corporate, getting in an argument in Mandeville's office and finding no help in the Covington office, we took off for the city of Franklinton to get some respect.
Therese didn't get all that she hope for, but seemed satisfied... sorta!
So, we went across the street to a recommended Mexican restaurant called "Don Juan's". When we entered, the local lunch crowd was leaving. The food was okay. The margarita was huge and tasty.
By 2pm or so, I noticed we were the only people in the place, so I went to the counter to pay the bill. Like the rest of the staff, the woman, wearing black slacks, a black tee shirt and sweater was working the cash register. She appeared to me much older than the staff and therefore seemed to be the boss overseeing high school age servers.
She perfunctorily asked how we liked the meal and the service and I proceeded to tell her about our lunch and how one of the employees across the street at AT&T suggested this restaurant.
She surmised that we weren't from Franklinton and from there, as the conversation continued, it got kinda interesting.
She asked me where we were from.
"Originally, we're from New Orleans but we now live in Folsom," I said.
"We moved there from Los Angeles!"
"Oh yeh?" she asked. "What part of LA?"
"I spent, she said, a few years living in Canoga Park!"
As the cash register did its thing, I told her my name and she told me that hers was Lynn. Our little chat continued as we both spoke about our time in Los Angeles.
She told me that originally, she was from Albuquerque, but moved from Houston, where she met her husband to be. They eventually married and moved to Franklinton to care for his mom.
“In the next six months, we hope to complete construction on some property of his family, sell it and move back to Albuquerque,” Lynn said.
“Well, that’s a lot to have happen in six months or so,” I said.
“So, what’s up with Albuquerque… Not enough turns?”
( She either didn't get the joke or didn't like it! )
“No, she said. My folks still live there and I want to get back to there continue my career!”
“Oh yeh?”
“What do you do there for a living,”I asked.
“I’m a mortician!”
“A MORTICIAN?” I gasped.
“Yeh, she said.
And before I could reply with that age old “Cemetery joke” that people are just dying to get in, she said with a laugh…
"And, it's cool 'cuz I can take my “Don Juan’s” uniform home with me when I leave!”
Second Saturday cup!

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III

Saturday, November 6, 2021



 Good "On Break" Saturday Morning, y'all.

This is a picture of the trauma created by me when I walked out of a department store without paying for pair of slacks that I finally found acceptable enough to buy.
After deciding to purchase it, I draped it around my left arm so I wouldn't trip over on it while perusing the dress shirts. Not finding anything interesting, I headed for the front where I was assured there would be a cashier, but there was none. So, with my mind focused on other things, I casually sauntered out of the one pair of glass doors.
Noticing a woman approaching the second pair of doors, I opened it for her and started to head for the parking lot. When I couldn't remember where my car was parked, I noticed the slacks still draped across my forearm.
With a startled smile, I headed back into the store and stopped at the nearest counter where a cashier was hoping to sell me some cosmetics.
"Hey there, Miss," I said. I need to pay for these pants. Can you help me?"
"Well, the cashier with the cash register is over to the next aisle and..."
She leaned over to check the line of customers waiting to pay for their goodies.
"I guess I can handle this for ya," she said.
"Great, I responded, because I found myself in the parking lot when I realized that I hadn't paid for the pants!"
"I thought, for sure, some electronic buzzer attached to the pants would have alerted me before too long, but I guess there isn't anything attached, is there?"
"No, the "cosmopolitan" replied. We don't use that system anymore. We have a computerized security system now!"
"Well, it doesn't seem to be working too well!
"Oh no, she insisted, it works really well. You just got lucky they didn't send the security guards down to get ya!"
"Jennifer must have been on break," she said.
"Yes, I guess I did get lucky. And, I found a pair of pants that fit, too!"
Having paid my bill, I walked out thinking what a shoplifting advantage that would be...
Knowing how often and what time Jennifer takes her breaks. Ha!
Second GiddyUp cup!

Copyright 2021/ Ben Bensen III

Thursday, October 14, 2021

"The Further Adventures of Mary's Mustang"...

The banana spider is called that for the color of the web it creates!

 Good Throwback Thursday Morning, all bodies.

Pursuing further the continuing adventures of Mary's Mustang, she told me a her encounter with a spider that somehow took up temporary residence on her moody mustang. Rio, that's the mustang's apparent name, didn't seem to be bothered by the rather large insect, but it bothered the motherly Mary.
Like many, spiders, no matter what shape or size, rate high with poisonous and non poisonous snakes, so Mary decided to shoo away the nasty bug. Unfortunately, she grabbed the closest available tool to dislodge the spider off of Rio's right ear.
It was the "switch stick" Mary uses to move along her herd. Rio was not planning on staying in his stall and in mustang talk let Mary know.
"Mustangs are wild and moody animals," she told me.
"And, Rio bites!"
"You know, Ben, I'm getting too old for this kinda shit!"
Apparently, Rio looked back at her with that switch and backed up towards her out of the stall attempting to give Mary a good kick.
"It's not worth all this drama," she said. If the damn spider isn't bothering him, fine with me!"
The tension subsided when Mary dropped the stick, and backed away to to find that Rio had shook his head a few times to flip the unwanted aural intruder away.
"I'm getting too old for this," Mary reiterated.
My encounter, five years ago, with the seasonal banana spider is "documented" at: https://graphicgumbo3.blogspot.com/.../it-was-big-enough...
Second Giddy Up cup!

Copyright 2021/ Ben Bensen III

Saturday, October 9, 2021

"Semper Fi" Saturday...


Good "Semper Fi" Saturday, y'all.
Those huge black 18 wheeled debris trucks are all about picking up a plethora of hurricane debris up and down Hwy#40 and Hwy#25. Occasionally, driving by the neighborhood on the way to the hospital or back from it, I noticed a Merrywood favorite out in his front yard sprucing up.
John is one of those positive forces in everyone's life. Whenever I see him at a local community event, I never recognize him and with good reason.
I always expect to see him in running shoes, shorts, a polo shirt and his olive drab, Marine Corp cap worn smartly no matter what kind of yard work he's doing. A few days ago, I spotted him raking under a huge magnolia tree and decided to roll down the car window to harass him.
"You've got to be kiddin' me," I said. "How many pushups are you up to lately, dude?"
John walked over to the side of the road with rake in hand and replied that he lost count!
"How ya been?", he asked me.
"Well, I'm hanging in there... Not feeling as good as you look," I replied.
"How's about those situps? How many times a week you down on the floor crunching?"
"I don't know, Ben. I do a couple of sets every so often!"
"Well, I said, whatever you are doing, keep it up 'cuz it looks good on you!"
We "small talked" our way through Covid, the hurricane and the debris pickup, amongst everything else.
Just before I started to pull away, I once again complimented him on his robust 'tude on life.
With a smile, with rake in hand, John asks, "How old you think I am, man?" Betcha' can't guess!"
Before I could muster up a good answer, he throws out that he was born in 1935.
"I was born in 1935, Ben, so you do the math!"
"Dude, I said, now you have me at a disadvantage... Math was never my forte, man!"
With a laugh, I replied as I started to drive away,"I'll get back to you on that, okay?"
Checking my rear view mirror, I noticed as we both waved good bye, and he started back raking, I thought...
"86," eh?
Third cup of courage!

Copyright 2021/Ben Bensen III

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Difference Between A Country Boy And A City Boy!"

No Deposit, No Return?

 Good wet Wednesday, all bodies..

The other sunny and dry morning I sat outside on the patio at Giddy Up and had a great conversation with a "local favorite!" We touched on all sorts of nostalgia, but listening to his stories about how country the Village of Folsom was in the fifties, was a treat.
Somehow, we ended up talking about bahia grass, mowing the lawn on a tractor, bailing hay and... snakes. I told him about our one adventure with a cottonmouth...
... and he told me how he and his buddies would capture all kinds of snakes, put them in a burlap sack and sell them to an animal farm off Highway 11.
"See now, I quipped, "that's the difference between a country boy and a city boy."
"Oh yeh? he replied.
"Yeh, a country boy supplements his allowance by collecting snakes and a city boy does the same collecting coke and beer bottles!"
First cup and then back to the grind...

Copyright 2021/ Ben Bensen III

Sunday, August 15, 2021

"A Slick Maneuver"

A Quickie Sketch...

 Good "Ack"... It's Monday all ready, y'all.

I finally finished that paperback from long ago called "Thunderbolt!" Of the many stories that abound in the book, the most intriguing to me is of the Polish pilot recruited by USAF group commander Major Francis Gabreski from the British Air Force. The trigger happy pilot, Boleslaw "Mike" Gladych, apparently had a rathered checkered past with the French and Polish Air Force.

One of the stories is about him attacking three German aircraft and downing one of them, but he could not shake the other two which tailed him and shot him up halfway to the coastline.

As Mike tried to out run his pursuers, he, never missing a chance to disturb a few "Krauts", flew low and hard passed a enemy airdrome and decided to attack.

It was common knowledge that in a ground attack, it is the first aircraft that strafes untouched by anti-aircraft fire. But, with the element of surprise gone, it is the other attacking aircraft that takes the shellacking.

The German gunners missed Mike's Thunderbolt, but shot down the two pursuing German aircraft assuming that they were also American Thunderbolts attacking the field.

Pretty quick and slick thinking under duress.

My sketch of the encounter is pretty basic, but I'm impressed with my ability to still be able draw a Thunderbolt from memory.

First "easing into the week" cup!

Copyright 2021/ Ben Bensen III