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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"A White Knuckler Visit... Sorta!"

Destruction and construction!

Good "aftermath" Wednesday, all bodies.
Sitting in traffic from Folsom to I-12 for over forty minutes yesterday morning, I called the dentist in Slidell to tell them that I was gonna be late.
I received a text reply telling me to not stress out about because someone cancelled. I figured that was fine. I'd be stressed out soon enough having a cracked molar repaired and a mercury filling extracted from another tooth.
When I sat in the dentist's chair I complained about the mounting traffic problem on the Northshore and making snide comparisons to the traffic in Los Angeles.
Well, I musta started showing my white knuckles with a mouthful of construction and destruction tools which was also covered over by a blue plastic tarp. Now, I felt like a hurricane victim!
I don't remember when I opened my eyes and looked up. There was a time when it was a cool marketing tool to have a monitor hanging over your head so you could enjoy the procedure... Ha!
It was then that I noticed the monitor had slo-mo aerial shots of Southern California (no traffic scenes!). The Griffith Observatory, where before class I'd go running, and the cheap seats view at Dodger Stadium of the San Gabriel Mountains, which are the best seats in the house. The Hollywood sign, the Santa Monica pier, the foggy covered cliffs along the beaches, the snow covered hills at Big Bear... relaxing stuff like that!
How sweet!
When I was finally able to speak without a gurgle, I asked the dental assistant, "Do you have a complete menu of relaxing scenes from around the world?"
"No, she replied, but I did have California!"
Second Giddy Up cup!

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III


Thursday, September 22, 2022

"Who Knew Your Mouse Needs A Pairing?"

Such packaging!

 Happy Thursday Morning, all bodies!

Gonna have a nice sunny and dry weather pattern for this week with no hurricanes in sight. Amen to 'dat, and...
My mouse died a few weeks ago. No Duracell, Eveready, Rayovac, DieHard, double A, triple A, lithium, worked, Nothing left to revive. Can’t pull out the jumper cables ‘cuz there’s nothing left to jump.
Bent that I had to go buy a mouse for my desktop, I drove to Best Buy after verifying that they indeed had “mice” to sell. When I got there, the salesperson escorted me to the shelf that housed only one Magic Mouse for Apple computers. I tried, but I just couldn’t share in his delight of selling me the last one. He was so excited he just couldn’t look me in eye as he tossed the box over to me.
Disgusted with all things digital, I gave a Geek Squader my old mouse. Possibly a big mistake.
When I couldn’t get that bluetooth mouse to work, I returned it to the box and cursed. After using every curse word I could think of, I searched the internet to find a usable, maybe even refurbished, mouse.
I found a website called, “mac of all trades” where I ran into a salesperson named Tim. What a find!
I asked him about a refurbished mouse and complained to him about my predicament. He answered my questions and then, some.
“If you hadn’t given away your original mouse, you could actually pair it to the new Magic Mouse you just bought and now can’t use,”he said.
Who knew your mouse needs a pairing?
“Well, my wife’s a bit miffed because I’m using her wired mouse until I can buy a compatible replacement,” I said.
“Ben, he said, we can pair you new one to the wired one and you’ll be set!”
Tim walked me through the entire procedure and lost a sale in the process. I was amazed… totally. Not only did he understand my concerns, he helped me solve it. His knowledge of other Mac and Microsoft products had me stupefied. I told him he needed a raise and that I’d write CNET, Apple and his current employer, “mac of all trades” to see that he gets one.
It has truly been a long time to meet someone online or on the phone that has the knowledge and is so willing to share it. And, I didn’t have to give my name, rank or serial number to get that assistance, OR, have to be put on hold to listen an ad about how wonderful they are with apologies about how overwhelmed their call lines are.
“We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls”, and…
Can’t say enough about the company, ““mac of all trades” and the professionals they hire and train… BRAVO!
First cup!

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

"View From The Canine Fashion Police!"


Good Morning, Thursday, y'all.

Wow, one whole day without any rain. Hopefully, today will be the same. And, no August hurricanes. I'm told that that is a record.

A week or so ago, a woman dressed in a very fashionable, colorful, floral dress walked up the the coffeehouse door. She was rather tall and statuesque and in her Sunday best on a Saturday. Passing Harper and Hendrix, Giddy Up's regular Saturday visitors of owner Dennis and Barbara Ackerson, the two Corgis, stood up from their position under the table and starting barking.

The normally well behaved dogs only get riled up when patrons arrive with their dogs, but this time they started barking at the woman so fashionably dressed.

Owner Dennis couldn't get to the spray bottle of water fast enough to subdue their intensity. It made little difference because Harper and Hendrix seemed to be suspicious of the woman. Maybe, the dogs thought she was seriously overdressed for such a place like this.

The woman stopped and smiled momentarily as she prepared to address the canine fashion police.

"My goodness, she said, I guess they don't approve of my new look!"

There's was no placating the pups as they continued expressing their disgust until the lady entered the coffeehouse. I wonder whenever she leaves, if she'll use the front door exit.

Second cup!

Copyright 2022/ Ben Bensen III

Friday, August 19, 2022

" A Fiftieth Anniversary Golden Gulp!"

A 20 ounce cup!

 Good "soon to get wet" Friday Morning, all bodies.

So funny. Yesterday, I showed up to met a guy at Giddy Up around 2pm. I got there early and a casual friend asked,
"What are you doing here? You're an early visitor here, right?
"Yeh, man (I can never remember his name!) I'm here to meet a potential client," I replied.
I got to the coffeehouse with time to spare, so I figured I'd sketch the new coffee mug that Tee surprised me with on our anniversary day, August 11th.
When the "client" strolled, he waved and said hello. We know each other from my Gus's days where I first met his wife many times before being introduced to him. I thought he was waiting for a coffee or to be served, so I didn't bother him.
A few minutes later, noticing him searching for something or someone, he came over to ask me if I saw anyone looking for him...
"I'm here, John said, to meet a client!"
"Yeh, I said, I know... I'm the client you're looking for!"
We both had a good laugh and then, got down to business.
First cup!

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III

Friday, August 12, 2022

Lost and Found Again...

 Good Friday Morning, all bodies.

Wanna thank everyone for all the wonderful congratulatory comments and well wishes. We had a fun day, yesterday, just being together.
About four or five months ago, I talked Therese into replacing her glasses with some new ones. I didn’t really want to participate in what style glasses she would buy. I felt that just getting her to a place was good enough. Over the many years, she’s always looked great in any of the ones she chose to wear.
Well, about a month ago, she was forced to wear the second pair she bought because she misplaced the first pair which she like best. She didn’t care the second pair which she said was heavy and made her look like her mother.
Man O’ man, we searched EVERYwhere in the house. We even checked under the pillows of the sofas and then, tipped over the sofas to inspect the possibilities, but with no luck. Because she hated that second pair, I talked her into buying two more pair.
This time, I paid attention to what she wanted to buy and gave my approval on the two new ones she bought.
Now, understand me when I say that we looked everywhere for that first pair of glasses. No stone was left unturned… for weeks!
Yet, yesterday, while replacing an old monitor for a new one, behind the sliding tray that housed the computer’s keyboard was, quietly sitting, Therese’s “hide and go seek” glasses. The possibility of ever finding those spectacles would have been slim and none, but now she has four pairs of glasses to wear and to “lose and find!”
Not to be undone, I sent the entire gym full of trainers to search and find my solo car key which I could have sworn I brought with me to the gym. When I know that I’m gonna be active, I usually take my car key off the cumbersome and, always in the way, keychain.
They looked everywhere. Under lifecycles, therapy beds, weights, treadmills, Universal weight machines and benches and just about everywhere, but to no avail. Luckily, Therese brought her purse into the gym which housed her set of keys because my missing solo car key fell out of my pocket and onto the car seat… unbeknownst to me. I later called the gym to thank them for the “wild goose chase” I sent them on to find my solo car key.
Talk about an interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association…Symbiosis has nothing on us.
First cup…

Copyright 2022/Ben Bensen III

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

"Mind Games"...

Corsair pilot/ The sketch

 Good "humptyDump" Day morning, all bodies.

I noticed about a week ago, that the pilot to my WWII Navy Corsair which hangs on the wall above a bookshelf, was somehow missing.
The large scale models come with a figurine appropriate to each aircraft you buy. The pilots come with a thin pedestal that you can use to display along side of the aircraft. Some figures I seat in their cockpits and some, I attach standing, to the wall with foam tape.
Corsair pilot/ the figurine

When I found the time to search for the "plastic pilot" I found him jammed between two books... One of the books was "Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain" and the other was Keith Richards biography entitled, "Life."
Who knows what kinda mind games our plastic hero went through before I found him...

Corsair pilot/ Cherried Up

First cup... Homebrewed!

Copyright 2022/ Ben Bensen III

Friday, July 1, 2022

"My After The Concert Discussion"...

A talented musician...

 Good Friday Morning, all bodies.

The charcoal sketch I created last night is of Shaye Cohn, the unofficial leader of the ragtime band, "Tuba Skinny." I first saw the band on streets the French Quarter back in 2018. Shaye starts up the band by counting down, snapping her fingers and tapping her right leg on the street to the cadence of the music. At that time, I was amazed because she never stopped bouncing her right leg.

At the end of the concert, Saturday night, I waited around till the crowd had left for the doors. I wanted to speak to the band, but mostly, to Shaye. I picked out two cd's that she recommended while grilling her about her musical tastes and the band's relationship each other and the music.

Unfortunately, I found out that the band only accepted Venmo or Paypal to purchase any music. Shaye apologized and then, patiently waited as I fumbled to photograph their QR code and get my Paypal account on line... which I never did.

So embarrassed, I apologized for my online incompetence and told her to forget the purchase.

"I tell you what, Shaye offered, if you promise to pay the twenty dollars for the two cd's as soon as you get home, you can have them."

"Aw Shaye, I don't want'cha to do that. I can get them later at the convenience of both of us," I replied.

"No, it is okay," she reiterated. Just promise you'll pay me when you get home!"

"I promise, but it will take me about hour or so because I no longer live in New Orleans."

Just then, a custodian, wanting to close down the lobby, came by asking if we were ready to go. Shaye nodded, and grabbed her satchel as I, grabbed my two cd's and headed for the doors forgetting that she accepted my offer to take a selfie together.

Well damn, if I would've had my wits about me, I could've just asked the custodian to snap a few before he closed up, I thought, as I headed for the adjacent parking lot.

Although I felt like an idiot, I really couldn't complain. It was a great concert. I had a ball sharing the standing room only space with two women that were visiting from Houston and asking anyone who passed by them for a password to get back to their seats. It was hilarious.

It was also a treat to listen to the cd's as I drove across the Pontchartrain.

And, I did keep my promise when I got home!

First cup! 

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