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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Forgot...Fear and Creativity Sketch# 4

Moderator Carrie Schwartz
Once again, this sketch is nice and I am happy with it, but it isn't an accurate portrait of Carrie. It was drawn by the light of a Power Point presentation. Carrie is a instructor at Tulane in New Orleans, but like me, lives in the village of Folsom. Besides teaching and creating curriculum for the ever changing digital world, she has her own studio with galleries to show her work. Earlier in her career, Carrie worked in New York in the fine arts world. I think she said she interned at Southeby's... I think. I dunno, I was busy multitasking... listening and trying to sketch her.

Anyway, she gave a two hour dissertation on the fear and being creative, addressing the creative process and how easily it can be derailed by insecurities that are as deep seated as anything we've experienced as kids. Fear can stifle the acceptance not only of our creative thoughts, but the confidence it takes to stay focused and see them through. We all have a tendency to be goal oriented and not enjoy the process of creating. And that's definitely me, who has been, for so many years, trained and molded by deadlines, artificial and real. Screw the process, meet the deadline!

Sometime down the line, I'll have to spend some time with her to get my head around the market here in Louisiana while still keeping my national market... and keeping my sanity, ha!

The outlook looks good!