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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rubba-dub-dub, there's music in this tub...

Washboard Musician/ French Quarter Festival
This is one of those kind of drawings where you just commit to the line you started with. The musician pretty much stood in one spot, but those arms and hands kept on moving, so regardless of what his arms and hands did, I just drew it from my knowledge of anatomy and the basics of his gestures because there was no way to actually capture his movement. In essence, I faked it. He would be fun to color or paint because of the many values. He was a very dark black man with soft grayish hair that turned into white sideburns which help to define his face and only added to the white hat and shirt. Only the reflections in his sunglasses and the washboard were in color.

Copyright Ben Bensen III / 2011