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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feedin' Da Ducks?

City Park Lagoon on Easter Sunday
I guess I should come here more often to get inspired and perspired at the lagoons of City Park. Certain parts of the park have lagoons that are close to the picnic grounds and they are full of debris from the picnickers. But you can find some nice areas away from the "littering crowd" that are quite idyllic.

We came here with my mom, after we had Easter brunch at a place we didn't have reservations for because the restaurant we wanted to go to said they didn't take reservations, but they actually did, but they had no tables left to reserve and didn't want to tell us that the day before over the phone because that was their way of saying we don't want you unless someone with reservations doesn't show up. ( I realize that that's a run on sentence, but did it anyway for fun! )

Therese and I thought it would be something different mom could do since she mentioned it only about a thousand times before, but she bumped her knee on the back of the seat of the car, which as most people know, is pretty padded and refused to come out to feed the ducks. So, Tee and I did!

Pretty lame duck, me thinks!