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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes, Scribblin's Better...

Tony Jr. at bat against Mandeville High School
Well, I kinda had a premonition that this would happen only because Tony Jr. had such good numbers going into the playoffs. It is not normal, if you know much about baseball, to go ten for ten at bat at any time during the season. His defensive skills also were a big part of Jesuit winning the State Championship for the District/5A. I haven't ask him how many "pitcher's best friend" plays they completed along the way to the championship.

Tony Jr. (No.5) gets correct angle to make the play to first!
For those that are interested in T.J.'s season game by game, you can visit: http://search.nola.com/Tony+Fortier-Bensen or my other blog at: http://graphicgumboben.blogspot.com/2011/05/time-to-gloat-my-nephews-best.html

We found out yesterday that our nephew, in his senior year at Jesuit High School, was voted by the coaches and sportswriters locally as the league's Most Valuable Player for the 2011 season. He also was voted All Metro at shortstop, All-District and All State with a .471 batting average. He has had some offers from a few out of state universities and I think he should go away to one of those universities, but I know he and his family are big LSU fans, so I know he's hoping that could happen. Till then, he'll play ball for Retif Oil in the American Legion League and "hold his breath!"

My sketch is from the same game played earlier this season. I couldn't keep up with the action so I decided to stop trying and just started mindlessly scribblin'. I put the netting in later and I think it kinda adds an interesting layer. There were a few more scribbles, but this one works best. I loved the umpire because just before the pitch was thrown, he get down in the same position keeping his arms and hands out of harms way behind him.

I think my nephew walked to first base at this time at bat!

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