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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breakfast at Hampton's...Number One.

People watching and people sketching!
While away on a "sort of vacation", I'd get up, workout and then, people watch 'n draw in between "bias TV" and reading the "multicolored fish wrap" called the USA Today. There was quite a coming and going and I was amazed to see how people view their first meal of the day. Work crews on an overnight stay had breakfast in less than ten minutes and were gone. Families on vacation lingered, but some, bleary-eyed and mentally still in their pajamas, had virtually nothing to say to each other in the half hour breakfast they shared. For the most part, everyone was very friendly, including the chubby, older gentleman I drew in this picture. He was from Houston, TX and was working his way back home. He offered me a seat, but I declined looking for a better place to sit and watch... and sketch.

But the man was just ebullient as could be for seven in the morning. I stood there conversing with him, my sketchbook and breakfast tray in hand, for over ten minutes. Twenty minutes later, long after I had found a "gunslinger's" position, he offered a lady, who found no tables available, a seat, which she accepted.

A good time was had by all!