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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Farmer's Market...Creole Tomatoes!

Please don't squeeze 'da tomatoes!

One of many sketches I did at the Farmer's Market in downtown Covington, LA. The market is open to the public just about every Saturday across from the grotesquely huge court house. As I have mentioned a few times before,  Sharpies, Pentels, Razor Points, etc. are not forgiving. Once you commit to a form defining line, you had better like it. Those tools make you think before you draw. And unfortunately,  people don't normally wait for you to decide which line works best. I've got plenty of false starts in sketchbooks because of Pentel lines that go nowhere, ha!

It took me about fifteen minutes to sketch this scene that basically lasted about a minute. The red was later applied with a red ad marker. So, it is mostly a composite of a few poses, drawn from memory except for the table and the veggies. They didn't move... too much!

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