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Monday, July 23, 2012


Hanging in Limbo...
Eventually, this woman wasn't the only person on the cell phone trying to make her connections. We were also hung out for about four hours in Manchester, NH. Apparently, the combination of Newark to Manchester, which actually is a secondary Boston airport, is not a good match if you are planning to fly and connect.

Personally, I was glad we had to stay another night, at United Airlines' expense, here in Manchester. I never really wanted to return to the reality I call "home." My wife, who gets a little anxious when things don't go as planned, was not so pleased with my blase lack of concern. She was quite "miffed" that the airline insisted the plane was on time and on schedule while she was online getting a completely different story.

"Tell me how can a plane arrive on time when it is already late," she asked.

I replied, in rather a matter of fact way,"I dunno!"

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