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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Grown Up Tonka Toys... Number Six"...

Bikes and backhoe loaders...
I found more equipment just north of a "subdivision" parked on a two or three acre plot of land. These machines probably had completed clearing the area of trees and brush and awaited a pickup. A month ago or so, cruising on my bike on this rural and seldom used street/ country road, it was covered with pine, oak and gum trees and now was pretty much "denuded!"At least, that's what I'd call it. Some would call it clearing the land for a home or shop.

Apparently, it is considered cost effective to tear down trees and replant new ones than to try and design a home around an existing tree or three. Anyway, here's a sketch of the tools of destruction... urrrr, construction!

They do, sometimes, take on a prehistoric look... or maybe, it is just my prejudice showing through!

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