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Monday, October 8, 2012

"The Visual Ramblings of an Inebriated Artist"...Take Two!

Paper tablecloth doodles!
My wife asked me to take mom out of the house so she could have some privacy and get some work done without interruptions, so I took mom to a Books-A-Million store for a looksie and then to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Mom had nothing to say except how tender the chicken was in her "mexican poorboy."

Monday Night Football was a horrible matchup and the Orioles and Yankees were still in a rain delay, so I drank margaritas and idly sketched on the table top paper cover. There was more, but this was the better of the rest.

And yes, the styrofoam container did have "Who Dat?" embossed on the cover and I highly recommend the flan for dessert!

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