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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Table Cloth Art #3..."Look Through Any Window!"

Look Through Any Window...
Look Through Any Window... and tell me what'cha see. And then, draw it. 

This is another in a series of sketches I enjoy doing on restaurant paper table cloths. I just put the pen to paper and doodle away while I am waiting for service or, if the art is promising, continue on as I eat.

Naturally, I would never ignore a lovely lady or someone else sitting across from me sharing a knosh in order to accomplish this. It is best performed solo, preferably at lunch. The sketch is from a restaurant in downtown Covington called, "Mattina Bella", which serves up some pretty interesting Italian lunches besides great all day omelets and benedicts.

Today, I just had a hamburger and fries, ha!

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III