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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sketches From My Coffee Shop Getaway...No.1

One of four mindless doodles...
The other day I had the morning to myself and decided to space out at the local PJ's Coffee Shop. I was determined not to get myself in a funk over the response I got from a perspective client. I'm not even sure I wanted the job, but I nevertheless spent a few hours assembling a "pdf"slideshow of samples. It seems no matter how many "presentations" you have available, someone requires something you have, but have to put together in some logical form and present it to them.

I liked it better when I could interview personally with a client, but it would have taken an airplane ticket to do so, soooooooo!

So, I went an had a large cup of coffee and sketched people doing their thing. Just mindless quickies, in pencil, to keep the chops up. Here's the first...

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