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Monday, September 16, 2013

"A Sketch From A Deli Window"...

Biker checks his iPhone while waiting for another client.
My wife and I took a two week vacation up the east coast in late June. I didn't spend as much time sketching in my sketchbook as I normally would do because there wasn't a whole lot of down time. Most of the sketches revolve around eateries because I like to linger after a meal, and Therese doesn't. In Charleston, South Carolina, I would get up early, mosey down to the hotel's beautiful courtyard and  have breakfast while reading the complimentary "multicolored fish wrap."After about the third or fourth cup of coffee, I would start sketching. I only have one or two really good sketches from that "courtyard session."

This sketch from a deli window in Georgia is about the same.Therese got antsy and went walking and window shopping in downtown Savannah, and I sat and made this sketch with another cup or two of coffee.

Both of us enjoyed our own time away and in our own way. It was time well spent.

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III