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Monday, February 17, 2014

"Granny Hangs Ten On The Internet!"

Invading her privacy and her concentration, I guess.
Okay, you are right. It isn't what you thought it would be about. The visual isn't a septuagenarian surfer shooting the curls, but this feisty grandma was deep in concentration about something on the web. I apologize to my readers, and to her!

The intense little lady was probably scouring Web MD for a reason to believe, and she probably didn't need me aggravating her with my constant perusals. I'm pretty happy with this sketch, but it always comes with a price… constant staring on my part.

You know, up down, up down, erase… up down, up down!

Eventually, she got up and went to the restroom or, at least, that was what I thought. But, a few minutes later, a nurse came by and politely asked me to put away my sketchbook. I obliged. In the five or six years I've been keeping up my chops by sketching, when I sketch people I have to be cognizant that some people just might be freaked out by my close scrutiny of their space. It's a fine line between being obtrusive and being not so. I would have to say that it is a very rare occasion that someone let's me know not to sketch them; whether they say so in words, looks or body language.

I remember an incident, at a buffet restaurant, where my subject was not only aggravated by me staring at, and sketching him, but, simultaneously disappointed, at his perusal of my portrayal of his rather rugged visage. I'm sure, one day, some lawyer or Congressman will get elected when he or she gets legislation passed to prevent artists, photographers and chefs from stealing, invading or otherwise intruding one's parameters without "the expressed written permission of the NFL or other reputable corporation.

But, it did not deter me, for when the gruff little granny split for her interview with the doctor, I pulled out the book and finished my sketch.

Luckily, I had enough drawn and just had to refine the sketch and make it worthy of my time… and,  I won't ever show her my finished piece… even if she asks!

So there!

Copyright 2014/ Ben Bensen III